Parents are quick to know  of their children’s talents --

from the moment they touch and manipulate various materials, turning them into inspired artistic creations.

That’s how it was with Oren Sagi: even as a child, he was bending, painting and combining various materials.
As he became acquainted with more and more materials, his curiosity was ignited and he began seeking out
and exploring other materials from around the world.

Over the last 2 decades, Oren has specialized in creations that combine blown-glass with metal.

Together, these two materials, so different from one another, become unified artistic creations.

In his works, Oren includes spiritually symbolic elements such as oil, earth and water, all selected from the choicest regions of the Holy Land.

Oren creates everything by hand, with careful attention to the smallest details and the finest possible finish.
Yet, each work is slightly different from the others – the personal mark of the artist