Our story begins some fifteen years ago, due to a unique way of life.
Our residence, near the Jordan River and next to the holy sites of this extraordinary land has exposed us to a
world of possibilities and opportunities which are unique and of a rare spiritual nature.

The combination of the artistic soul and a way of life that emphasizes the freedom of faith and religion has
helped us to spread the message of spiritual Christianity to a multitude of pilgrims.
Each product is carefully handcrafted and sealed in a way that unites art and spirituality and represents a
part of the Holy Land.

Oren blows each glass bottle in our humble studio, and his wife, Orly, carefully fills it with one of the three elements that
compose its whole: water from the Jordan River, olive oil from the Galilee Mountains, or Holy land soil.
Each item is unique in appearance as a result of being handcrafted.

This piece of spirituality serves as both a collector's piece and a private, intimate one, allowing its owner to do with and see it as he wishes.
During the time we've been practicing our craft there have been stories throughout the world of sincere heart wishes that have come true
because of this unique item. It has been told that making such a wish while holding it together with a close, loving person has helped fulfill it.

Every given second, someone, somewhere is holding something close, closing his or her eyes and wishing for themselves or for their loved ones.
Each and every one of us celebrates his or her own piece of inner belief.
Making a wish is an individual declaration that reflects all men. Any of us may hold to our own measure of inner spirituality