Authentica is based upon hand-made works of art.Yet, we has also developed method that enable large-scale production and rapid supply of large quantities, without compromising the quality of the products.
Years of experience with this unique category of gifts have clearly demonstrated the great commercial potential of these products. The world-view and orientation of Authentica customers gives its creations a distinct advantage over other products in this market segment
These products have proven themselves over the last decade and a half with constantly increasing sales.
Their design, spiritual character and exclusive natural materials, along with attractive packaging and presentation, give Authentica products added emotional value, making them uniquely

A wishful present for your loved one

Some say that the very act of bringing a gift from the Holy Land to a person near or far is a deed of unparalleled goodness, bringing the recipient a small piece of the Promised Land, infused with a measure of spirituality.

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The working process

In the heart of the Holy Land, not far from the Jordan River, is the artist’s studio. His inspiration is drawn from distant desert views. About an hour before the dawning of each new day, he selects raw materials,

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The authentic materials

The link between glass and metal was born of the desire to connect – to connect different worlds in a single creation. Raw materials are carefully chosen from the most primal sources, giving Oren’s works a truly

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